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Big dreams for 2024!

Updated: Jan 1

Wrestling from my home is great. I am lucky enough to have a spacious living room big enough to lay down two lots of 10m by 4m thick mats! I am based in a quiet village local to Ely in Cambridgeshire. Its a friendly place and my house is tucked away at the end of a cul-de-sac with private parking, so its perfect for discretion.

I have been session wrestling from my home for a year now and since setting up my X account and advertising myself on other platforms business has picked up massively for me. So much so that I can happily quite my 'vanilla night job' and commit to doing sessions full time. I am very passionate about my work, I love to entertain and be entertained. Wrestling gives me a sense of freedom. The flow and connection of energy between two moving bodies can be quite a powerful experience. I get to physically, mentally and most times emotionally dominate men in a safe environment. What's not to love?! I really do enjoy pushing boundaries and exploring new fantasies. I am very light hearted, playful and energetic. I try to get the most enjoyment out of each session. Its like a type of therapy, right?

So I ask my self what next?

My true desired goal is to expand my business, have my own venue, my own true space and one that I can share with others. I want to give more then what I already have to offer. My motto in life is go big or go home. So lets make this dream happen. This year my plan is to set up my very own mat room. My venue will have a large and comfortable space to session in which will also be available to other people/wrestlers if they wish to rent out the space. This will also be a very discreet environment, easy to get to, free parking, close to a train station and out of the busy city. I have people come and visit me from all over the country and a lot of feedback I get is that they love how much cheaper and quieter it is out in the countryside compared to busy cities such as London. Don't get me wrong I love visiting London but it can be an expensive all round trip. My venue will be spacious and it shall give people a new scene to film and session in. I would also love to have a wrestling ring occupying the space.

As you may know from reading my profile I train in Pole fitness. This year I shall be getting my licence to teach Pole. So this new venue of mine will look like a regular gym from the outside (if anything at all) and inside the space will be divided into a Pole studio and Mat room!

So there you have it, this is my goal for 2024 and I cant wait to achieve it. At the moment I am currently looking for venues with a possible sponsor. If anyone would like to sponsor me to help achieve my dream I will be forever grateful. I would like to end this with a huge thank you to all of my supporters, this wouldn't be possible without you.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Love Maze x

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